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Hot Tips for Skewered Pleasure!

Skewers are a yummy pleasure for entertaining friends and family.  Food on a stick is fun, easy and affordable to feed a crowd, Yay!

So easy to put together, skewers are great for making in advance so you get to enjoy sitting back with your guests instead of running around and pulling your hair out, so get your bubbles chilled🍾cause you gonna have time! You can even provide different flat breads for folks to pop their skewered food into, smear with Mudgeeraba Spices chutneys for a perfect roll up!  Now…that’s Amore!❤️  By providing lots of condiments you really can take skewers to new fabulous heights of flavour.

Here’s our star tips for success!

⭐Flavour and Spice

Pair your chosen skewers with the right condiments to really bring them home. Here’s our top Mudgeeraba Spices suggestions:

⭐Best cooking
  • By creating skewers of a single ingredient you can cook each to perfection in its own time to allow the ingredient to be at its most delicious. Nobody wants mushy tomato mixed with crunchy onion and undercooked chicken.
  • Choose meats that are more ideal for skewering and stay on the stick. Shoot for chicken pieces over fish that will probably fall off, eeek!  Beef Sirloin is lean, tender and doesn’t require extensive marinating, remember to cut across the grain for maximum tenderness.
  • Marinating, while a common thing can cause annoying sticking due to any sugars in the marinade and may burn or brown your skewered ingredients too much. Keep sauces for the side to allow your guests to choose their own flavours to smear their perfectly cooked skewers.
  • Bamboo sticks are cheap and work the best.  Soak in water before using.
  • Use a hot clean grill with an oil slicked plate for best results.
⭐Other Great sides

With lots of ideas at your fingertips, there’s just one thing left to do…call your friends for a day of skewers that they’ll always remember 😊

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