Did Someone Say Butter Chicken?

What’s all the fuss about? With its complex flavours, rich texture, heady aromas and luxe creaminess, its no wonder that so many people love this comforting and delicious dish. Butter chicken is a popular dish in Indian cuisine that has gained popularity around the globe due to its unique flavour and rich, creamy texture. The […]

What do I put in my Masala Dabba?

This is the most common question asked…What do I put in my Masala Dabba? You’ll be pleased to know that there’s no fixed rule to what spices you keep in a masala dabba but a good guideline to selecting your spices is choosing herbs and spices that you most commonly use. For example if its […]

Hot Tips for Skewered Pleasure!

Skewers are a yummy pleasure for entertaining friends and family.  Food on a stick is fun, easy and affordable to feed a crowd, Yay! So easy to put together, skewers are great for making in advance so you get to enjoy sitting back with your guests instead of running around and pulling your hair out, […]

10 Great Ways to Enjoy Chutney!

Its wonderfully delicious, fruity and sometimes spicy! Besides being a traditional accompaniment to many Indian dishes, here are some great ideas of how to enjoy our gorgeous chutney! Serve with savoury tarts i.e goat and beetroot tart, perfect! Add to mayonnaise and spread on sandwiches. Mix a spoon to a small bowl of barbecue sauce, […]

How to Make the Perfect Cheeseplatter

How to make the perfect cheese platter❤️ That no man or mouse can resist! Have you ever met a cheeseboard you didn’t drool over?  Not me!  When friends come to stay dinner ends up being with just this and wine, of course.  With Mothers Day on Sunday get the cheese platter of your dreams with […]

Why Curry?

It’s warming, filling and delicious.  But wait, there’s more… Indian curry is packed with flavour and spices that offer a range of health benefits. Curry can help boost your immune system due to the spices used in Indian cooking. Curry can help reduce inflammation and alleviate pain. The variety of ingredients used in curry can […]

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