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About Us


Flavour & Spice

Our boutique range of exclusive, gourmet food products are lovingly hand-crafted in our commercial kitchen at famed tourist spot, The Windmill, located in the lush green hills of Mudgeeraba – a Gold Coast Hinterland hideaway. Knowing that the finest flavours come from the freshest ingredients and spices, is what drives our passion to create new and exciting products for you to enjoy at home.

Our journey started with Cobra Chilli in 2012. Early 2017, we had the opportunity to acquire Mudgeeraba Spices and Kumari Spice World came late 2018. We brought them all together under the Flavour & Spice umbrella brand to become one big happy family of wholefood products that share the same quality fresh ingredients, all natural and authentic paradigm.


Cobra Chilli

Cobra Chilli offers gourmet, boutique, craft chilli sauces, barbecue sauces, pepper sauces and super-hot chilli pastes using all natural ingredients with some of this planet’s hottest chillies and some traditional favourites to cater from Mild to WILD!

The Cobra is one of nature’s most exquisite predators. Graceful and majestic, an encounter with one will change your life, dramatically. Similarly, COBRA CHILLI is one of nature’s most exquisite pleasures. With its unique blend of ingredients and expertise, one encounter will change your culinary life, dramatically.

So go on, face the fury!


Mudgeeraba Spices

Looking to recreate your favourite traditional Indian meals at home? Now you can. Mudgeeraba Spices have used locally grown and quality imported whole spices to create our renowned flavour range at our on-site commercial kitchen in Mudgeeraba (Gold Coast Hinterland) since 1993.

To ensure a premium finished product with truly authentic flavours we only use the freshest fruit and vegetables with no added preservatives or fillers, using old fashioned preservation techniques. Mudgeeraba Spices bases its collection upon a broad range of recipes from many Indian and Asian regions.


Kumari Spice World

Armed with heritage and traditions passed down through generations, Kumari Spice World draw their inspiration from a time when rare and exotic spices were treasured more than gold and smuggled across land and sea by daring spice traders under the noses of those who would seek to monopolise the eastern trade route.

Over 30 years since launching our first market stall, Kumari Spice World’s passion for delivering only the best quality products available still continues to attract customers from far and wide. Our products are all manufactured in-house, from the roasting & grinding to the blending and mixing of herbs & spices, to bring you a unique flavour that will take you on a culinary journey around the world.

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