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How to Make the Perfect Cheeseplatter

How to make the perfect cheese platter❤️ That no man or mouse can resist!

Have you ever met a cheeseboard you didn’t drool over?  Not me!  When friends come to stay dinner ends up being with just this and wine, of course.  With Mothers Day on Sunday get the cheese platter of your dreams with these mouth-watering tips!

It’s all about the base! You can’t beat a crafted timber board with beautiful grains or a marble or bamboo board works perfectly too.  The size depends on how many friends are coming over or how hungry you are.   Shout yourself a set of cheese knives, you can get some real funky ones and they’re good for maintaining each different type of cheese’s structural integrity and consistency.

Going crackers!  Choose from sliced bread sticks, crackers, water crackers, multi-grain crackers or lavash.  My current favourite has to be Olina’s pepitas cracker which are GF and oh so seedy, Love em!

You’re so cheesey.  Choose a few different cheeses here to give you a variety of textures to enjoy.  Pick good quality cheeses, it’ll be worth it in flavour and for freshness.  A nice combination would include brie, aged cheddar, creamy blue vein and a sharp and crumbly cheddar.

“If you were a fruit, you’d be a fine-apple” Dried fruit and fresh fruit go well together on a cheese platter giving you an overall flavour balance.  Apart from adding some sweetness and pops of colour, they’re great for filling in the gaps to bring your platter all together to create an edible abstract artwork.  For fresh berries choose cherries, pears, grapes and don’t forget olives which are a must on a cheese platter.   Apricots and figs are good choices for your splash of dried fruits.

Your’re Nuts!   Once you pick up that first nut it’s so hard to stop, don’t you agree? Our best picks for your crunch factor are almonds, macadamias, cashews and always pistachios in the shell, there’s something satisfying about cracking open that shell for the tasty surprise inside.  In China, the pistachio is known as the “Happy Nut” because it looks like it is smiling ?

Last, but not least.   The absolute star of your cheese board is…drum roll please!  Indian, Date and Almond Chutney!  It’s almost a combination of the cheeseboard in a jar only missing the cheese which is why these two go so perfectly together.  Another fabulous addition is Sri Lanka Mango chutney which makes a great dip when mixed with cream cheese or sour cream.  We suggest at least 2 different Mudgeeraba Spices’s chutneys to take your cheese platter from ordinary to extraordinary!  They are lovingly made and add the drool-worthy finish to your stunning platter.

Cheers and don’t forget the plonk! ?








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