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Indian Date & Almond Chutney Mild (460g)


298 in stock

MOST POPULAR and a SUPERSTAR on a cheese platter!!  This chutney has been a top favourite for many years. So delicious and so versatile, see below for 2 recipes guaranteed to get your mouth watering.

Made with fresh dates, raisins, almonds, and spices to superbly compliment. One tbsp. on the side of any curry of your choice is the perfect accompaniment. Alternatively, it is amazing with cold meats, cheese, pizza bases, steaks, and sausages. To make hors d’oeuvres, use a savoury biscuit or corn chip with a dollop of sour cream and a tsp of chutney.


Cheese Balls with Chutney

Indian Date & Almond Baked Cheesecake Recipe

Care instructions:

Do NOT Refrigerate EVER. Serve with a clean dry spoon and store in the pantry after opening.

This chutney will remain in perfect condition as long as you ensure there is no contamination from food or water particles.

Never return any unfinished portions to the jar or use a serving utensil used for anything else.


298 in stock

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Nutrition Information

Servings per package:


Serving size:


Average Qty
per Serving

Average Qty per 100g


110 kJ
1100 kJ


0.2 g
1.6 g

Fat, total

0.1 g
0.5 g


0 g
0.1 g


6 g
59.5 g


6 g
59.5 g


19 mg
188 mg


Dates (34%), Water, Sugar, Apple Cider Vinegar, Almonds (2%), Raisins, Ginger Powder, Sea Salt, Black Cardamom Seed, Cinnamon, Chilli Powder, Cloves

Made with Love at The Windmill, Mudgeeraba❤️

Additional information

Weight0.81 kg
Dimensions10.5 × 9 × 14 cm





Australian % Ingredients


18 reviews for Indian Date & Almond Chutney Mild (460g)

  1. Ginny Hackney

    This is a winner – it is mild so everyone loves it; it is fabulous with any curry, particularly when accompanied by saffron rice and yoghurt. We have family members who expect to receive a jar every Christmas (this is a non negotiable gift)! Definitely my favourite Mudgeeraba chutney.

  2. Heather badgery (verified owner)

    First purchased at Sydney Royal Easter Show. Love it!

  3. Heather badgery (verified owner)


  4. Karen Thornton (verified owner)

    The best chutney I have ever tasted. I use it in so many ways

  5. Nicolle Cooper (verified owner)

    Love this product. This is the second time we have had this and it never takes long before it is an empty jar. Typical flavours, but with a sugary hit of yumminess

  6. Linda Simon (verified owner)

    A wonderful chutney that you can add to a meal with almost any meat. Great customer service. When the courier broke one of the jars, it was replaced within a couple of days.

    • Flavour & Spice (store manager)

      Glad you received your replacement quickly. Enjoy and thanks so much for the great feedback😀

  7. Kim Reynolds (verified owner)

    I would highly recommend the date & almond chutney and the butter chicken spice. Really awesome products.

    • Flavour & Spice (store manager)

      Hi Kim, the 2 top faves! Happy to hear your enjoying them 🙂

  8. Matthew Walsh (verified owner)

    Love your products. Especially this one.
    Sent it to my brother and family as a special gift after he commented when I served it “this is the best thing I’ve ever tasted”.

  9. Matthew Walsh (verified owner)

    Love your products. Especially this one!!
    Sent it to my brother and family as a gift after he commented when I served it “this is the best thing I’ve ever tasted”.

    • Flavour & Spice (store manager)

      Awesome! it sure is good. Warning! It usually means a lot of cheese platters!

  10. Matthew Walsh (verified owner)

    First purchased at Sawtell chilli festival and keep coming back for more!

  11. Teresa

    Yummmmmm, I tried this for the 1st time at the Brisbane Food &Wine Festival, it was served on a cracker with yogurt/sour cream & OMGosh was it was mesmerizing. I need to buy some more real soon.

  12. Yvonne Innis (verified owner)

    The Indian Date and Almond chutney is a firm favourite and would recommend it for a Curry meal every time.

  13. Yvonne Innis (verified owner)

    The Indian Date and Almond chutney is a firm favourite and highly recommend it.

  14. Ched (verified owner)

    A lovely mild flavoursome chutney. We tried it at our son-in-law’s and immediately ordered some!

  15. Janet Cove (verified owner)

    Indian Date and Almond chutney is delicious! Bought some at Floriade Festival, and as soon as I tried it I jumped online and ordered more, plus a few hot sauces as gifts. I’m sure they will be a hit. The curry’s are great too. Thank you, looking forward to trying my other purchases. 😋

  16. Maureen Friend (verified owner)

    First tried the chutney at Floriade 2 weeks ago where I bought 1 jar. . I’m hooked. Already received my first online order of 3 jars. Love it

  17. Stuart McKinnon (verified owner)

    Best hot sauces around!

  18. Joanne (verified owner)

    We love this product! Comes everywhere with us and doesn’t need refrigeration, perfect for camping.

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Taipan’s 6 Best BBQ Hits

Yes! the hits come gift wrapped.  (each bottle is wrapped in tissue paper, boxed and with a ribbon)

Aussie All-Rounder Barbecue Rub (175g)

Brazilian Barbecue Pork Rub (175g)

Portuguese Peri Peri Barbecue Rub (125g)

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Mongolian Mint Lamb Rub (125g)

East Coast Buffalo Crystals Rub (150g)

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Aussie All Rounder

The beauty of Taipan’s Aussie All-Rounder is that it goes with all types of red meat on the grill, barbecue, in the smoker or oven. You’ll enjoy your meat with the salty-sweet and a little heat.

This is a great rub for brisket, apply your binder and then generously coat with Aussie All-Rounder prior to cooking in the smoker.

Tip:  Slow Cooker Brisket – Rub with generously with your rub and cook on high for 8 hours to give you a good shredded meat for tacos, sandwiches, burrito bowls or pasta.  6 hours cooking time will give you tender beefy slices for a roast dinner.

Brazilian Barbecue Pork Rub

Taipan BBQ’s Brazilian Barbecue is a very popular rub that’s ideal for low’n’slow, particularly pork.  Use as a seasoning or rub for chicken, that’s a winner too!

Paprika brings a sweet pepper flavour and with the addition of other aromatic herbs and spices including pepper, garlic, and onion, finished with a final layer of ginger and mustard really pulls this flavour combo together for a perfect pork rub.  (try a slow cooked pork shoulder for pulled pork, 8 hours on high will give you the best result)

Portuguese Peri Peri Barbecue Rub

Peri Peri is Portugal’s favourite choice for fast food: an entire chicken butterflied open and served alongside a halo of homemade French fries and pillows of rice. Each mouth-watering bite infuses the palate with juices from the meat and spices. Use this amazing Taipan BBQ rub directly on your chicken or make up a marinade with olive oil, garlic, lemon & wine.

Mongolian Mint

Rosemary, Mint and Garlic are the classic seasonings for lamb, with good reason. Taipan BBQ has combined these, with some other exotic spices to create a flavour all its own. You will love this blend on your lamb roast or cutlets. It’s the perfect combination for the perfect family meal.

SPG Salt, Pepper, Garlic

SPG is one of the most popular all-purpose seasonings for any kind of grilling, roasting or everyday stove top cooking, a flavour that punches way above its weight.

This combination of flake and granule sizes are perfectly suited to use on generous cuts of meat for low’n’slow and high heat grilling. Seasons well without sacrificing on the natural flavour of the meat, let it shine!

Use on all meats including chicken, fish and veggies, even add it to your spaghetti or chilli.  Especially phenomenal to use on brisket, wings, ribs and sandwiches.

East Coast Buffalo Crystals 

Just sprinkle Taipan BBQ’s East Coast Buffalo Crystals directly onto your wings, to taste, right after baking or frying.

To create a Buffalo-style Wing Sauce, simply mix equal parts of Buffalo Crystals with White Vinegar and melted butter, then mix to create a delicious sauce and toss your cooked wings through, coating fully.

Serve with Blue Cheese or Ranch dressing – Enjoy!


How to use your seasoning/rub and glaze:

Lightly or generously coat your meat with your seasoning/rub. Up to you based on how much flavour you prefer.

When cooking meat, either on the BBQ, in an oven or a smoker, generously pour glaze over uncooked meat in a dish and with clean hands, turn the meat over to ensure that it is liberally coated on all sides.

For the oven and smoker, cover the meat and cook following the usual cooking instructions. Uncover for the last quarter of the cooking time to allow the sauce to reduce and the sweet stickiness to develop. Re-coat now to personal preference, if required.

On the Barbecue, just cook on the plate or over the grill. The glaze will darken and look burned but that’s okay – and awesome.

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Mexicana (Taco) Seasoning

Blended by us using all natural ingredients!  Keeping it real!

Chilli, garlic, onion, basil, cumin, oregano, sea salt, tomato granules, parsley, lemon, pepper, thyme and coriander.

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East Coast Buffalo Crystals

Just sprinkle Taipan BBQ’s East Coast Buffalo Crystals directly onto your wings, to taste, right after baking or frying.

To create a Buffalo-style Wing Sauce, simply mix equal parts of Buffalo Crystals with White Vinegar and melted butter, then mix to create a delicious sauce and toss your cooked wings through, coating fully.

Serve with Blue Cheese or Ranch dressing – Enjoy!

Tip:  For plump and juicy chicken breast fillets – lightly coat breasts with olive oil and then generously coat with rub both sides,  bake in oven at 180c for 30 mins and let rest for a further 5 mins. Delicious!

Made with all natural ingredients and None of the Nasties.

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