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How To Tenderize Meat in 30 minutes!

In Chinese cuisine the meat is always tender!

How do they do that?  The Secret Explained…

   Tenderize your meat in less than 30mins.

The most common method is what they call “Velveting”, sounds soft and silky doesn’t it?

Get amazing results with Beef and Chicken!

Why does it work?  Baking soda increases the alkalinity of meat, making the protein strands resistant to the coiling and tightening that occur during cooking.

THE CORN STARCH METHOD – Great with Chicken

Try the Cornstarch Method by coating your meat with cornstarch mixture or (slurry) and leaving it for 1/2 hour before cooking.

This mixture will provide a protective barrier which helps to seal in the moisture to prevent over-cooking and the meat becoming tough.

Ingredients and Method:

1 tbsp whisked egg white | 2 tsp corn starch | 2 tsp sesame oil or rice wine | ¼ tsp table salt

Mix ingredients to ensure there’s no lumps

Pat dry the meat, cut into desired sizes (against the grain), coat with mixture and leave in fridge for 30mins

Pre-cook the meat into simmering water, only until the meat turns opaque (still raw inside) 40 seconds should be enough (based on 2 chicken fillets)

Drain well to remove any excess water and then cook in your preferred style i.e stir-fry

NOTE: Corn Starch is not the same as corn flour.  Corn starch is from the starchy part of the corn kernel.


Ingredients and Method:

Baking Soda

Dry your meat cut with paper towel. (if preparing for stir-fry cut the pieces against the grain)

Sliced meat (smaller pieces) works better using this method.

Sprinkle over the meat your baking soda (bi-carb) 1tsp to 1kg is enough.

Coat the meat evenly and leave in the fridge for 15mins or 20mins for tougher cuts like brisket or chuck.

Rinse the meat with cold water to remove all traces of baking soda,  dry with a paper-towel to remove any excess moisture before cooking in your preferred style. i.e bbq

NOTE:  When removing baking soda, a little vinegar added will help.

Great Cooking – Now the Flavours!

Now that you have your meat tender and silky, its time to decide on flavour.  There’s a rub or seasoning perfect for each cut blended perfectly by Taipan BBQ

Chicken – East Coast Buffalo Crystals | Beef – Aussie All Rounder | Pork – Brazilian BBQ | Lamb – Mongolian Mint | SPG – Steak, Fish or Chicken

Made in Qld | No nasty additives | No Colours | No Fake Flavours | Pure Herbs & Spices

You’ll be rewarded for all your tenderizing and flavouring efforts with a mouth watering meal!

Dinner at your place then?


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