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Tamil Lime Pickle Hot (400g)


149 in stock

Care instructions:

Do NOT Refrigerate EVER. Serve with a clean dry spoon and store in the pantry after opening.

This pickle will remain in perfect condition as long as you ensure there is no contamination from food or water particles.

Never return any unfinished portions to the jar or use a serving utensil used for anything else.


149 in stock

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Nutrition Information

Servings per package:


Serving size:


Average Qty
per Serving

Average Qty per 100g


66 kJ
655 kJ


0.2 g
1.8 g

Fat, total

1.3 g
13.4 g


0.2 g
2 g


0.3 g
2.9 g


0.2 g
1.5 g


245 mg
2450 mg


Fresh Lime (56%), Apple Cider Vinegar, Olive Oil, Sea Salt, Chilli Powder, Fenugreek Seed, Cumin Seed, Fenugreek Seed, Curry Leaves, Fresh Ginger, Black Mustard Seed, Turmeric, Garlic Flakes, Dried Chilli

Additional information

Weight 0.75 kg
Dimensions 10.5 × 9 × 14 cm


14.1oz, 400g



Australian % Ingredients


4 reviews for Tamil Lime Pickle Hot (400g)

  1. Rohan (verified owner)

    I just love a Lime pickle with our Fish Curry. This is a beauty with an excellent balance of flavours that don’t hide the tang of the lime. Spicy, but not over the top heat wise for my palate.

  2. Robyn Leigh (verified owner)

    My husband’s go to for anything spicy. He has this will every curry that is made and absolutely raves about this product constantly. His favourite of all the spices and rubs available.

  3. Rachel (verified owner)

    I’ve been trying to find a good lime pickle to eat at home and enjoy chilli pickle at restaurants. This covers both! It’s so spicy but I can’t stop eating it! Discovered at Floriade and couldn’t wait until the next year for more so I bought a bunch online.

    • Flavour & Spice (store manager)

      Hi Rachel….This is my fave pickle so thrilled to hear you love it too. Can’t stop eating it with sour cream on a cracker.

  4. John Swaine (verified owner)

    A very nice product which I have had previously. However, this time you sent me 2 jars
    of Punjab tamarind pickle instead. Another good product but not what I ordered.

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